a story of possibilities


RAFTASIA is a story of possibilities and determination of the indigenous people. It’s a story of a determined individual from the Jakun tribe, building a fortune away from his tribal lands, in the heartland of another tribe, the Semai’s and along the way inspired them to changed their fortunes as well.

Kamal or affectionately known as Bai, left Endau Rompin in the mid 90’s at the age of 21 to join the pioneering white water rafting company, Khersonese. While in the company of the best in the adventure business at that time , he educated himself in the adventure business and taught himself skills and english. He together with Khersonese made a name for themselves, organizing river expeditions all over the country and pioneering commercial rafting .
Dying for a new adventure, he left Khersonese in 2013 with only the clothes on his back to start RAFTASIA. With the support of friends and familyAre you looking for a casino with a low minimum deposit requirement? Look no further than 1 euron talletus casino – minimitalletus 1e kasinot. These online casinos allow you to deposit as little as 1 euro, making it accessible for players of all budgets to enjoy the thrill of online gambling. With a wide selection of games, bonuses, and promotions, these casinos offer a great gaming experience without breaking the bank. So why wait? Head over to https://tuxedo.org/1-euron-talletus-casino/ and start playing today with just a 1 euro deposit https://tuxedo.org/1-euron-talletus-casino/!
he began marketing his new outfit and a year later, bought himself a used raft.

Armed with a used raft tied under a tree, began his most challenging adventure of his life. Another year passed by and finally lady luck smiled again upon him, he managed to secure 2 new rafts from a friend, which he tied up under the same tree.As the months passed by, he acquired an old campsite and a few rafts through friends and fellow operators. Today Raftasia boast 5 huts, 1 shop, 8 rafts and employs more than 20 semai guides every weekend. No rafts are tied under a tree anymore,today Raftasia stores them in 2 boat houses.


Better known after the town it flows through ,Kuala Kubu Bharu or KKB , Sungai Selangor is a breathtaking river at the foothills of Fraser’s Hill. Starting right below the Selangor dam.

Being the source of water for Kuala Lumpur, guests will enjoy its crystal clear waters and scenic unspoilt beauty. This river has class 2 ,3 and 4 rapids over 8km’s long.

It will take approximately 2 hours of rafting to reach the end point! The majority of guides here are from the local Temuan tribe , with additional guides from the nearby Semai and Malay Community.

It takes approximately 1 hour from KL to reach Kuala Kubu Bharu.


Sungai Slim is surrounded by jungle and plantation is peppered with fun class 2 rapids and a huge class 3 rapid. This 8km roller coaster will take participants approximately 2 hours to complete.

Located in the Semai Heartland, Ulu Slim is reachable by the northbound PLUS highway and its only 1.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur.

Majority of the guides here are from the local Semai and Malay community.


A fantastic introduction to white water rafting. Gopeng is known for its cascading rapids that are exciting but easy with beautiful scenery of fruit orchards along the Kampar, river. Not only that, Gopeng also offers other activities such as caving and waterfall abseiling.

The white water rafting at  Kampar river runs through Kampung Itik, starting at Kuala Razila and ends at Kuala Jahang. This 5 km white water rafting will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. This river is peppered with class 2 rapids and a fun river  for a family and large group outing.


This is a Grade II-III white water rafting creek which is excellent for novice and experience rafters alike. The rafting journey covers a distance of approximately 4.5 kms through lush tropical landscape, passing Orang Asli villages along the way with plenty of rapids to challenge the rafters.

Only an hour and 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur , this is an excellent choice for those on a budget!


Often touted as the trip of a lifetime, Sungai Singor is the ultimate class 4 & 5  white water rafting experience in Malaysia. A 25km, 3 Day expedition will bring participants through over 20 class 4 & 5 rapids with some as long as 100 meters.

Located near the township of Grik, Northern Perak, this expedition starts with a 2 hour trek to Kuala Manggis and ends at Lake Banding.


Endau Rompin is approximately three and half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and offers a variety of activities suitable for the whole family. Covering an area of almost 900 square kilometres, Endau Rompin National Park contains some of the oldest rainforests in the world! The vast national park is home to some of Malaysia’s most endangered animals, such as the Malayan Tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros. It boasts rich flora and fauna and hide some of Malaysia’s best waterfalls , Buaya Sangkut, Upeh Guling and Batu Hampar waterfalls which are within 2 hours trek of one other.

To those who are keen on exploring the hidden treasures of Endau Rompin National Park. You wouldnt want to miss our amazing trips here.