Kamal Abdullah

Kamal Abdullah , fondly known as Bai. A legend in Malaysia’s rafting circle. Arguably the best white water rafting guide in Malaysia is also one of the first professional guide among the indigenous tribe of Malaysia. Left his village in the jungles of Endau-Rompin at the age of 21 in 1995 to join the pioneering rafting operator in KL , Bai has never looked back . Educated and lived among the very best in the adventure business, has morphed him into a man of vision , grit and belief. In 2013 , he launched RAFTASIA , the first indigenous owned white water rafting operator.

Sudirman A/L Yok Perangin

Sudirman A/L Yok Perangin , better known as Man , is the role model for the Semai youth. A quiet but determined man , resourceful and ever helpful has made white water rafting guiding his full time craft. With more than a decade of experience , Man has stamped his mark as he now leads trips down KKB and Ulu Slim. A proud father of 3, Man continues to push his own boundaries of progress.

Jamal A/L Terbang

Jamal A/L Terbang, has more than a decade of guiding experience. He was first among his Semai tribe to single guide Slim River’s notorious technical creek.
A man of few words , Jamal has become the dependable Lieutenant. Together with Man , he has made white water rafting his full time craft.